hi everyone!
i am new to all this
but my computer died and i decided to have a crack at fixing it myself
i knew it was the mother board so i replaced it with one i brought off ebay. i also replaced the power supply. by the way its pentium 1.6 and uses socket 478b.
so my problem is wen i connect the power supply to the old mother board the fans spin in the power supply....no worries right, it shows signs of life. but wen i connect it to my new mobo and the power supply doesnt spin or anything. im completely confused about this. the mother board and the power supply are not compatable together?
anyways if anyone can help id be very greatful!


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FOr future reference, i would suggest not to buy anything off ebay when it comes to things like that. Good deals happen but there are other computer componant sites that offer good deals without you worrying about the product being broken before you buy it. First check the back of the PSU and see if the little orange switch is set to 115v or 230 (if it has the option) since this may be you initial problem and you may have cause some serious damage to your mobo. Next, make sure that the PSU is hooked into the board properly, some of the newer boards require both the 12pin ATX plug and a 4-pin 12volt pin to be plugged into the board. Odds are that if you have already hooked the board up to the PSU without any pins sticking out (this is a "no no") your PSU should be compatible pin wise to your board. Next see how much wattage and voltage your PSU outputs. Make sure that it is not lower than what your board requires (while your at it make sure the minimum output isnt higher than your recomended amount for the mobo). Thats alot of instructions, post back after you check through those.

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