hey there, guy'z n' gal'z, although the theme of this thread has been covered already, it didn't cover for my question. i left the main battery out of a customer'z sony vaio-vgn-fj1z from saturday evening til monday morning coz i had changed the wlan card and dvd-combo for a dvd/rw. the dvd would not go bak in it'z cavity due 2 some screw that had not been screwed in place by the last person who worked on it. i needed a right angled long-nosed pliers to screw this bak in which wre at home, so i left it apart.
on the monday, after screwing the screw bak in, i fired it up n' i got presented with a power-on password; that iz, it doezn't go 2 the bios screen. thiz last time i got one of theze it waz an hp n'it waz a swine 2 get rid of n' required me taking it almost completely apart to access the bios battery, three timez b4 i got the right order in which to power it bak up by uzin a very specific order in which 2 put it bak together.
so doez anyone have any prior knowledge of how 2 tackle thiz one?
in the last thread some one mentioned taking out the battery and left 4 lunch n' come bak and it waz fine, i don't c how that could possibly work unless he meant the bios battery but that would only work if the password request came super-imposed over the bios screen, that would b a bios password and 'shorting 'out the cmos battery would solve it.
but i don't think mine iz bios password coz the only screen it showz is a black screen with a bluey-coloured password box, although if i hit f2 it doez put it over the bios screen so it could b a bios password
but to get at the battery requirez practically a compete dismantle, so it would b really cool if anyone knowz another way around it.
but i won't hold my breath, these company'z should let the customer sort these zekurity thingz out inztead of setting them anyway, they're a pain in the arze;-/
warm regardz

started to read you post but stopped because of the silly,annoying spelling words with ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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