Hi, and thanks to all to can help.
To make the story short, I have a Dell Latitude, and the power button stoppen working. Upon inspection, I found that the power button board itself was broken. This was confirmed because none of the caps lights, etc didn't light up when the computer did work, so it was dying. Anyway, now the computer won't turn on!!!! Is there anyway to bypass the main switch on the Power Cirucit board itself?? I know I can get a new one, but it won't come soon enough! Once I get it on, I can keep it in standby.

I do know that if I remove the power circuit board, I can see that it connects to the motherboard itself through a plug. Is there any way to use this to start the computer???

Please help, and thanks to anyone who replies immediately!

{Ps- I am good at computers, but am not great inside the computer, but cam take certain things apart}.

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Where exactly is the damage to the board?

The circuit board itself is fried. None of the lights came on the board when it was dying, and the power button on the board literally fell off the other day, so there is no way to turn it on unless I bypass the board.

Where exactly is the damage to the board?

Can I replace the laptop powr board?? It is no a part of the mother board, it is seperate. When you rmeove the bezel with the power cover, beneth it is the power board. Once I remove the screws, I can remove it and underneath is a plug.

I mean, if I get a new one, is it going to work, or does anyone else think there is another problem?? It was working before,, but like I said I literall had to push down with all my force just to turn the laptop on!
Please,please anyone help if they know how to fix this!!

If that board is fried it seems more likely that the problem is elsewhere and most probably to do with the power regulation side of things.

i have a dell d610,i've found that the way Dell mounted the plug to the board makes it prone to break off the mother board,unless it has broken off completely it looks as if it is still ok,this is in reference to the power button problem.ps my power button would not work unless i hit or jarred my laptop.

If you are having problems with your power socket then you need to get to a repair shop as soon as you possibly can as socket problems left unrepaired can cause far more serious motherboard problems.

I run my own computer business and have dealt with socket problems on many occasions (replaced a socket just yesterday for example). The longer the problem is left too long then more damage is very likely indeed!

The problem comes from the female connector that is solded in the main mother board.
The joints get worst because pushing the power button so many times.
The solution is to reforce the solderings joints but it is necessary especial soldering tools.

push down on f8 and f9 button or the 8 and 9 buttons as u tune it on i have one and i start it this way every time it might take a little presher

hi i have a problem with my laptop latitude d610. when i power it on and am working, when i finish and shorts it off, to power it on is a problem. but if i keep it for a week, and power it on it comes on but now it does not even come on atall again. can someone help me please????????

Would I be right in saying that this laptop is over 4 - 5 years old? There's nothing wrong with having an old laptop, but as they age natural fluctuation in temperatures causes soldered joints crack. The solution to this problem is finding the 'dry joint'.

Worst case scenario is if it's on the motherboard, and if this is so you have the option of replacing the motherboard, or applying a procedure called 'Reflow' were a heat gun is used to carefully sweep the motherboard (there is more to this process than explained here) in an attempt tore-melt all of the solder joints at the same time. It could be, or near to, the power connector. There's a possibility it's an issue with the power button itself.

Sadly, this doesn't look like it's going to be straight forward job.

Common problem in this style of Dell. Replace the PCB and problem solved. Plenty available on Ebay.

There are compaines that will reflow and reball your solder joints.Once again Ebay is where to look.

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