I have a Belkin F1DZ104T Omniview SE Plus Series – 4 Port kvm switch and it is attached to 3 windows xp professional pcs and 1 port is used to test a Linux platform appliance. The central keyboard and mouse are both ps2-based. Power comes from both the kvm switch's ac transformer and each of the motherboards from the attached pcs.

From time to time, the keyboard hangs such that it is non-responsive on all 4 ports. The attached mouse continues to work without issue. The only other significant thing to note is that when the keyboard hangs, the lights on it, are either all on or all off.

The only apparent way to clear up the keyboard is to shutdown the boxes on all of the ports, power off the kvm switch and then power on everything again.

I have no idea as yet, whether this is a power or signal glitch and I'm not sure how to triage the problem further.

thanks in advance.

How is the KVM switch connected to the computers - via PS/2 keyboard/mouse ports, or USB? Also, given that this problem affects all of the PCs attached to the KVM switch makes me think that the problem is related to the switch; however, have you tried a different keyboard?