I bought a brand new Toshiba Laptop on 5th April. Worked well for the first day now I can't boot it up. When I push the power button the power light and the internet light come on and it sounds like the disk draw wants to open. Then nothing. I can open the disk draw but can't do anything else. The screen is black and there are no fans or other noises. I bought this from a place that is going into liquidation and can't take it back to them for help. The Toshiba helplines aren't open over the easter long weekend. Can anyone give me a heads up on what I can try.

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Anything on the screen at all such as hit F2 for setup, so at least you can get into the BIOS? If not it could be a variety of issues. Is this a removable disk, if so remove it from the bay and try again. Post any message that comes up on the screen.

remove the battery and power cord ,hold the powerbutton in for about a minute ,reinstall and try booting

is ther a dvd or cd in the drive ,if so remove the disk
also try hitting f8 on bootup and run boot diagonistic ,if no go try safe mode

Nothing on the screen. It is just black. There is nothing in the disk drive either. I have taken the battery out and still nothing.

still under guarantee ,take it back

Check the power adapter voltage and watts. Make sure it is compatible with your laptop model. If it is not, chances are that you damaged your power jack. Is your battery charging when the power adapter is plugged in? Is your power adapter original Toshiba brand or a generic model? Too many questions but questions need to be asked.

Caperjack, I can't take it back because it was bought from a store in liquidation.
FastEd, I have checked and everything is compatible and original Toshiba brand. Battery is charging when plugged in.I am taking it too a Toshiba repair shop today. Spoke to them yesterday and they said that it sounds like the motherboard or harddrive was dodgy. Never again will I buy brand new stuff from a place in liquidation.
Thanks for your help anyway guys.

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