I am hoping someone out there can help. I have a Dell dimension 4700 a couple of months ago I turned it on and it wouldn't fire up it just beeped a few times. I called a local repair shop and they said it sounded like the video card had gone out. I pulle it out and reinstalled it. The computer worked fine for a while. It did it a few more times then the other day would not get passed the beeping stage so I bought a new video card and installed it. It worked for a day and a half then went out. I took it to a repair shop today and he just made a few suggestions 1. maybe the power supply is bad but he could not find anything wrong with it. 2 Maybe a problem with the mother board I could try replaceing both the board and power supply. In other words he did not know what the _ _ _ _ was wrong. I am using the intagrated video for now. Any ideas?? I really don't want to just start replacing things shooting in the dark. THANKS

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On some of the dells you cant replace the poer supply or motherboard as they are custom , also dells have a very limited power supply wattage


what I'd do is replace with a good known power supply, and try to use it for a few days. It sounds like it could be the motherboard, but I'm not sure.

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