Hello everybody
i have a serious problem i have a pentium 4 system and after some day we start my computer
but it cannot display the screen shot on monitor
we check ( change a new Ram, Hard disk, CD rom, and change a new VGA, and change a new monitor
but it cannot work any trick and now i am very sad please tell me anybody what wrong problem
and what we do solve this problem

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Does the computer actually power on? Do you see any activity lights? Do you here the CPU fan?

and do you hear any beeps from the speaker

No brother we cannot hear any beeps & The fan is true activicty
I cannot understand which probelm in Motherboard.
what you say of this problem wht's wrong here?

if you bought all that hardware new trying to fix a old P4 ,you should have jsut bought a new computer ,would have been money better spent .
my opinion is the motherboard has died ,but that just anopinion from a distance ,hard to tell with out actually looking at it in person

ok i understand have you any anopinion to repair this motherboard which thing is replace in board
to solve this problem
or this board is a using in scarp

if you have swapped out most of the peripherals, the last two components are likely to the be the power supply or motherboard.

I wasnt clear from your description whether you checked the power supply? If you have a power meter, you can check the power connections coming out from the power supply to make sure that your motherboard and componets are getting the power they need.

Aside from the power supply, if you had access to another motherboard, I would swap that out as well to see if you do have a motherboard issue.

Unfortunately, these types of issues may sometimes be more difficult to troubleshoot and you just have to check all of the parts until you find the culprit.

ok Thanks bro
we try to do this ?

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