Hello everybody,
I need your help choosing between these 2 PCs :
--------HP G6-1250/1/2/3 Intel Core i5-2430M 6GB Ram 640GB HDD DVDRW 15.6" LED LAN, WIFI VGA:HD6470M 1GB Bluetooth/Cam/Windows 7 Premium 64-bit
--------HP G7-1350 Intel Core i5-2450M 6GB Ram 750GB HDD DVDRW 17.3" LED LAN, WIFI VGA:HD7450M 1GB Bluetooth/Cam/ Windows 7 Premium 64-Bit
Which is better ?
The G6 is only 30 $ cheaper than the G7, so should i get the G7 ??
Which VGA is better ? and which CPU ??
Please help me and thanks !

G6 - smaller screen and less disc space. However, you don't mention what the screen resolution is on either system, nor do you mention the weight. Besides the screen, disc, and weight, these are pretty comparable systems. So, you need to decide what is more important to you. FWIW, my personal laptop is a 15" Dell (4 years old) w/ hi-res display, 4GB RAM, bluetooth, wifi (a/b/g) and 250GB disc. My company-provided laptop is a Lenovo (new) w/ 17" higher-res display, 8GB RAM, processor of same speed and cores as my Dell, bluetooth, WiFi (a/b/g/n), and 250GB disc. My Dell is lighter, and other than the display is equivalent to the company Lenovo. If I am travelling, the weight of the Dell may be the winner. If I need the highest performance/memory and display resolution/size, then the Lenovo is the winner. In the final analysis, you have to decide what is most important to you. In your case, I suspect you will be happy with either. If all other things are equal, go with the lighter system to haul around. If you are going to use it as a desktop replacement, then in either case get a docking bay and external monitor (24"), usb keyboard and mouse. Then you get the best of both worlds!

Ok thanks !
Personally, i dont find battery and weight a problem, my laptop is always plugged in and i rarely take it to somewhere else than my home.
But the problem is that i can't find the difference between the 2 cpu and the 2 vga.
If you can it would be helpful

Well, you don't mention what video hardware each has. That can be a real game-changer. Bear in mind that integrated Intel GPU's share memory with the system, so that is no longer available to you for operating system or program use.

If you are looking to know the best computer brand don't worry.Dell provide the best computer in different configuration,you can choose it according to your need.This is the best for you because 2-years ago i purchase new laptop of Dell i am very happy them no problem comes on my computer system till now.

ok thanks


Honesty from these 2 I would go for the more expensive one if you just use it at home.

As far as graphics from the product name seems they are using Radeon 6470M(1st one) and Radeon 7450M(2nd/$30 more one). The 7450M is supposed to be higher spec but seem similar, Radeon 7450, Radeon 6400M.

As far as CPU's go the more expensive one is also supposed to have a slightly better spec, Intel Core i5 2430M, Intel Core i5 2450M the second more expensive being marginally faster.

It's up to you which you decided, you may get the cheaper one then you may end up thinking maybe the other would have been better or be perfectly satisfied with the cheaper.

On paper the expensive one should be faster but it would depend on what you were using the laptop for too. If you are a gamer then the bigger screen and the tiniest slice of extra speed/performance maybe be important too you.

- Let us know how it goes

if you are looking to replace a desktop maybe ,and use the laptop only at home as you have said ,i would go with the 17.3" as you will really come to enjoy the extra screen size, my opinion, you will not notice the small difference in the hardware ,enjoy

If you are looking to know the best computer brand don't worry.Dell provide the best computer in different configuration,you can choose it according to your need.This is the best for you because 2-years ago i purchase new laptop of Dell i am very happy them no problem comes on my computer system till now.

that's the way i speak of our almost 3 yr old Toshiba still running of the original install of Vista, but people who get lemons of either Dell or Toshiba or any brand computer cuss them to hell

My personal laptops have been Dell (D600 and now D630 Latitudes) for almost 10 years. I've had problems with all the laptops I've had, including the IBM Thinkpads I had for work, but the question is how well the vendor/manufacturer backs up their warranty, in my opinion. In that regard, I have had nothing but good experience with Dell. They have always dealt with issues quickly and effectively, including overheating motherboards, hard drive failures, etc. The only time I had to complain was the second time the 9-cell battery on my current laptop expired, less than a year after they sent me a replacement for the first, which also expired less than a year after I got the system. It seems that for the batteries alone, if you read the fine print on the 3 year system warranty, the warranty is only for one year, and they consider that from the time you get the system, not from the time you get the replacement battery... Best guess? They had a lot of battery problems. In any case, I complained that a subsequent battery failure after such a short period of time is outside of standard warranty terms due to a design or manufacturing flaw in the unit. After getting online with a support supervisor, they agreed, and replaced the second battery with a new one at no charge. That was about 2 years ago, so maybe they got their battery maker to fix the flaw? In any case, that is the only time I had to raise my voice with Dell tech support... :-)

My new job came with a new high-end Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Since that was just 3 weeks ago, we will see how it works out under stress. It is really nice, fast, and for a 17" model, not too heavy. I suspect that the battery will be the weak link, so I think I will requisition either another battery - preferably one with greater capacity. I can order stuff like that with only my manager's approval for up to $500 USD, so when I get a round tuit...

I could go on and on .but i won't ,well maybe just a little ,lol,never had an issues bad enough or within warranted time frame to call any of the makers of my laptops,so customer service was never an issue

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