I have an Acer Aspire 5610Z-2762 and it desprately needs to be wipped out and rebooted. I have the recovery discs from Acer, however I am trying to follow the directions from them, but it seems to not be working. Is there a simple way to wipe out and reboot my computer without having to make a back up disc of things that I don't want?


Well one thing you can do is use something like Hiren's BootCD to wipe out the Hard drive and then Use just a regular Windows XP or vista cd to boot from.

or use Linux Ubuntu Live CD to boot up, hook up an external, copy all the things you want to keep to the external...format the hard drive using NTFS format, quit the live cd...boot your OS CD, do another wipe of the hard drive and format...install OS...

This is the process I usually do when something goes wrong with reinstalling or can't get to the OS...

okey,first of all it would depend on the fact that if you want to get rid of all the data and reinstall your windows operating system again.If thats the case and that you want to do,then you can do this:
Get a windows installation disc and which should be bootable then change your boot order to start booting from your cdrom or dvdrom first save that and restart your computer on booting it would request to start booting from your disc windows disck then you can continue from there if you still have problems get back to me