So my laptop is about 3 years old and getting due for replacement, its recenetly gone wonky too but i want to see if its worth taking in.

So after starting up it seemed like a had a stuck key as my password field was just filled up. I shut it down, fixed the key and rebooted it, it gets to the Gateway sign and then goes black and makes loud beeps. Also for while it would flash greenish rapidly, I figured was just a loose connection as I'd adjust the screen and it would stop, meant to take it in for that but...

i mean if its the HD or something like that, I think it might be I won't replace it. But if it was the Hard drive would it even get as far as it does?

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Its kinda of hard to ell as its a pretty rapid continuous stream I counted like 12 medium beeps before i shut it down


Sorry to take so long getting back to you but that sounds like a key stuck error. Try a different keyboard.

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