It started on the windows login screen. One day I was entering my password in windows login screen and the computer suddenly died. Then restarted again and system recovery was required, and about two seconds after that computer shut down. Then the time period was severly reduced and just after the BIOS screen it was shutting down immwediately after powering up. Now,,,, it just shows nothing on the screen (Not even the Toshiba sign on BIOS screen) and like after 3 seconds or so shuts down .I was doing the famouse power button holding trick (removed the batterey while the power cable is plugged in and held the power button for like 1 minute and released the power button) and I could manage to get to "Start windows Normally" screen and still it shuts down there. After all it wont go beyond that. Every fan(CPU and VGA) works, HDD is good and RAM is perfect.

PLease help me by giving a solution

Toshiba P755-5269 machine.

After the computer is powered off for a while and you try again, does it immediately power off? If not, it sounds like there is a component that is overheating and it takes time for the comptuer to reach that temp. Then once it reaches that temp, you can no longer power up.

Check to make sure that your fans are running properly inside the case.