Hey guys....
M new to this forum...
I have a compaq presario c700 notebook which is quite old.....
when i press the power button the led lights turns on..i can here the fans spinning sometimes after 4-5 seconds the system turns off....and i switch it on again...the display remains black and nothing happens and the lights glow and the fan spins...i tried removing and putting bak the ram..it did not work
Pls help....
Thanks in advance..

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Desktop boot problems are difficult at best. Laptop boots are further complicated by power issues.

First things first. I will assume you have an external monitor jack on the laptop somewhere. Hook this up to an external monitor and this will help eliminate the display. If the problem is the same, the display is probably (note: probably) okay.

Second, if you have an operating system disk, attempt to boot from the disk. If you can do this, re-install your OS. At this point, consider buying a new system and selling yours for parts.

Third, if you can find someone with the same model or a spare battery, replace the battery (don't buy one unless you can return it since we don't know if this is the problem)

Fourth, if you can find someone with a 2.5" hard drive with the same interface as yours (probably IDE at that age), swap the hard drive and see how that goes.

The worst (even though it's probably time) is that some chip (maybe even the CPU) has died and you may require a new motherboard.

I tried all of this...its not working...:( ...anything thing else can try??..pls help..

i had a hp dv6000 laptop that did the same and it was the video chip over heating

I am also facing the same problem in my Compaq laptop, I have tryed to remove the RAM several time and replace it but nothing had happen I also try to to put on extenal monitor but nothing has also happen.

So please help me guys.

I had a dv7 with this issue. The video chip was overheating and eventually died. The good news is, some laptop guys out there will repair it. The bad news is, the older the laptop, the less it's worth doing...especially with windows laptops running as cheap as 3-400 bucks. If it costs more than you are willing to pay, remove the hard drive and sell it for parts.

We can try a simple discharge first.
Also seems mobo chip issue to me.

  1. remove all power sources including power adapter and battery.
  2. pressing the laptop power button over 15 seconds do not let go.
  3. connect the power cord only and power on the laptop again.

If still the same problem, we may try reseat the CPU and replace the small Bios battery, I have seen some laptops working again with the small CMOS battery replaced.

Hope this helps.
Tech Manager, WPTinc.

My compaque c700 laptop is not working, please help me. When I start the power button the fan cd drive enven the USB ports starts working but system is not booting. I tried removeing RAM but it did not give beep sounds, I have changed the CMOS battery too.
Befor this main problem I found my laptop was taking too much time to boot more than 20 min then suddenly it stoped booting.......

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