Hi everyone, I'm not a tech but I have a problem with a Sony SR21K. The PCMCIA slot is not working and it seems the bios is set only to boot from the external cd reader throught the PCMCIA slot.
The machine needs to be restored to factory settings and the op system reloaded. I have the disks but can't get the machine to be able to boot from any other source. Can annyone offer some advice? Thanks Tony

Just as a note I have gone into the bios and checked there is no option in the boot section to tell it to boot from USB, Network or anything else that might be of use.

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Thanks for the help. I tried your suggestion but the defaults don't change anything. The options available are diskette ( there is no reader in the machine), ATAPI CD ROM or Hard Drive. Could the Hard Drive allow me to load the disks on top of itself if I put the recovery disc contents on?

my thought is that the option might be disabled in bios maybe dont know if there is an option

Thanks JAmes

I'll check it out but on the initial look there wasn't an option to enable, but I'll look see.

Many thanks

I have the same problem as well so i contacted Sony Vaio they told me to press F10 to access the recovery partion on your hard disk so that should set the computer back factory reset but unfortunately my laptop lcd screen wont show anything.;)

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