ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

I wanted to turn off Vertical Sync a 3D setting for my video card for improved FPS in a video game. I found that I couldn't find a control center of any kind. When I right click on my desktop, it's not there. I go to properties, settings, advanced, etc. It's no where to be found. I contacted ATI and they told me to uninstall my drivers and the adaptor drivers in device manager and reinstall from the link they sent me. I did so, restarted, and its clear that all drivers of any kind are removed. My screen is different, I can't tweak any monitor settings, it doesn't say the name of the video card in properties, and I can't even open my game. I reinstalled the Catalyst control center. It installs, and I click finish and then NOTHING happens. The control center is still no where to be found. My screen is no different. It doesn't ask me to restart or anything. I don't understand why after installing this, no kind of executable or command program exists. I go to the folder where it downloaded. So I went from having the driver downloaded with no command center, to no driver downloaded and no command center. Please help.

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This is exactly what I've been doing. Using programs to uninstall what I currently have then reinstalling. Nothing happens. I even try downloading different versions including old versions and still nothing. It doesn't register with my computer.

it didn't askyou to restart when you install the driver ,so did you restart the computer manually to see if made a difference.
.also any chance your computer has onboard video you could try using ,remove the ati video and hook to onboard ,then use the ati tool to remove all drivers ,shut down and install the ati video card

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