Hello everyone.. i think that my Lenovo laptop 32 bit 2GB ram i3 intel processor is working fine but im not satisfied with its graphics

specially when i turns it on and shuts it off.. the welcome thing on my windows 7 starter is kind of not playing smoothly same as when i turn it off, and i dont like it it bothers me a lot
hope you can help me guys

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wow you are taking your laptop graphics way to serious ,walk away when you turn it on and off ,turn it on ,comeback in a few minutes and enjoy the laptop

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Many Lenovo laptops have dual video adapters - the built-in Intel one, as well as often an nVidia one. If yours is such a system, then you can go into the BIOS and set it up to only use the nVidia hardware, which is a LOT better for graphics processing than the Intel gear.


what is the exact model # of you lenovo, should be on a sticker on the bottom ,lenovo is best known for its business/home class laptop ,im sure they do gamers as well

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