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My PC was locked up this morning and my son turned off the power. It will no longer reboot. It stalls at the Windows XP logo screen.

I will not boot in Safe Mode either. It stalls after agpCPQ.sys.

I'm currently booted from a Win XP CD and running CHKDSK /R. It has run for 5 hours and is at 13%.

What should I do? Is it worth waiting day(s) for CHKDSK to run?

CHKDSK finally finished from the Repair Console. I exited to boot Windows. A bunch of messages scrolled by about chkdsk fixing, repairing and deleting files.

Now, I can get to the login screen, but when I select a user, I get a blank desktop with no icons or taskbar. I get this with just booting and with boot with last know good configuration.

It still will not boot in Safe Mode and hangs after agpCPQ.sys.

What should I do now?

I'd let chkdsk run its course. If that doesn't clear things up:

* Does the computer boot into Safe Mode (Command prompt only) or Last Known Good Configuration?

* You can try a "Repair" installation of XP. Instructions are here:

Considering that you still can't boot into Safe Mode, and don't even have a taskbar to work with when booted normally, I'd go for the Repair option I linked to in my last post.

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