So I have a Compaq CQ56-109WM and it recently been dropped. When I hold a flashlight to it I can see everything fine. But the their is no backlight to it. The only thing is I think I need to buy a whole new screen but not to sure. Can anyone help me decide which one I would need to buy?

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I'd say you just need a new inverter!

Cool Rik! I'm going to give that a try soon and see

The inverter will have a surface mount fuse on it. You could check that with a multimeter if you have one. DO NOT TEST IT LIVE as the inverter produces 2,000 volts or more.

Is all inverters the same? Because it's hard to find one for my model laptop.

No they aren't unfortunately!

:/ Where could I find one for my model laptop?

Have you checked eBay?

You may want to add HP to your searches as Compaq are owned by HP.

It would be a good idea to remove the faulty inverter and check it's part number!

Just tried and a whole bunch came up as Pavilion, only searches for Compaq comes up but its hard to find the inverter for it. Unless it's fine to get one in the same series.

Remove it and get it's part number is my advice.

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