System specifiacation.
Processor p3 933 mhz.
512+265 Ram.
40 gb harddisk.
Microsoft Xp Operation system.

It is 8 years old. When i am working intermedietly system is getting hang.
I formatted full hard disk and re istalled OS also. Again this problem is continuing.
While formatting and installing OS , system did not get hang.
If i will suggestion why it is happening , will be helpful for me.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you log in and use your computer as usual?

1) Try doing a scan with malwarebytes
2) Type chkdsk in your command and see whether there is any problem with your Hard Dsik.


On older machines there can often be a heat problem. If dust collects on the motherboard / chips.heat sinks, fans etc and then is not removed it insulates the chip etc the temperature rises and bingo it shuts down to protect itself. look inside the case and if there is a lot of dust remove using a paint brush and small vacuum or blowing it away.


Is the RAM and PSU ok too? These can be factors in systems hanging too. You mention you are putting the system under intermediate load so this could point to the power supply. If you have another one try swapping the power supply.

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