Hi there,
I wonder if you can help me at all. My lappy's network port is broken, I dropped it with the network cable in and as a result it pushed the pin back so that the network cable's connector is really loose when inserted and it won't connect to the net. At first I thought I'd open it up and reposition the connector but apparently opening up the whole thing (dell xps17) is beyond my ability http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGbyuWY-yqI (it looks like I have to remove the front in order to open up the back where the network connector resides - unless somebody of course knows another way).
So, I have decided I will get a network to usb connector, one of these - sorry for the link to ebay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Belkin-10-100-USB-To-Ethernet-Adapter-F5D5050-/261078069103?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash=item3cc9772f6f#ht_1842wt_907
Now, there are an awful lot out there, so I wonder, which one do I actually need? All I need to do is to connect the network cable to the usb adapter and connect that to a usb port on the laptop. ANy idea as to which one, prices, spec etc etc
any help much appreciated

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the one in the link will do just fine ,as for taking it apart ,there is usually only one way to do it right

hi thanks for that. The thing is, there are an awful lot of adapter fairly cheap, then some are instead a bit pricey. DO you think is there any difference at all? I mean by buying one of those I am hoping my wired connectin is a s fast as if the network cable was plugged directly onto the network port. Does the fac that ig goes through a usb affect speed at all? The reason why I am asking that is because the wireless in my pleace is very slow and I was hoping to keep using the wired connection

Wired connections are going to be faster than wireless not only because of the higher connections speeds, but also because if you wire into a switch, that's a dedicated "broadcast domain". Dont worry about those specifics at the moment... Wireless is like shared ethernet (connecting into a hub), the more people you have using it the slower it gets. You dont have this limitation with Fast Ethernet (switches).

Not all Wired ethernet cards are the same. However, most will do the job just fine. Many, many years ago when I use to build custom PCs, I did run into issues with the "unknown, generic" name brand type of adapters.

If you stick with the common, even consumer based hardware, such as dlink, you wont have any issues.

fantastic thanks. Do you know if there are compatibility problems with ubuntu at all? I manily use ubuntu 12.04 so I'd rather get something that is compatible with it. I assume known brands like dlink, belkin etc are cross platforms?

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