I bought an Nvidia 6200. It came with drivers on a disk, but I have win7, and it only supported Vista and XP, so I went on the site, and downloaded new ones that work on win7, but they won't install unless the card is in. I install the card, and I have graphics until Windows starts. Then I have nothing. I need the drivers to get the picture, but I need the picture to install the drivers? What do I do?

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So... I just left it in and waited a while, and I got picture, but it's disgusting. It's all blue and like.... Silver-ish? And the res is low. Tried installing drivers from Nvidia's website... No luck. Any ideas?

There are two ways to install Nvidia drivers.

Step 1
- Plug your nvidia graphic card to your motherboard and switch your vga cable to the new graphic card vga port.
- Boot your pc, it should run properly till you got to windows desktop.
- (Make sure you have the correct driver for your graphic card or it won't install the drivers)
- Now go to where you download the graphic drivers (6200) and run it's exe. It should prompt you to install your graphic driver properly.
- Reboot once the installation is done.
- Your graphic card should run perfectly

Step 2 (Risky and maybe more confusing)
(You may need to create system restore point before trying this method)
- Do not plug in your graphic card just yet and boot your computer
- It should be booting till windows desktop.
- (from here you need to download Nvidia 6 series driver which was already extracted and should have [nv4_disp.inf] to do this manually)
- If you have one, proceed to Device Manager and double-click the icon under Display.
- Choose manual installation and select install by yourself and you should be prompt to a windows with list of drivers.
- Select Have Disk and direct it to where your correct driver is in. It should found [nv4_disp.inf] by default and select ok, it should list out all drivers in the installation.
- Now choose your correct drivers and install it. It may prompt you to another windows but just agree and install.
- Your display now may blank and you can't see anything to do any work. When this happen, just press power button to let it shut down.
- Then install your graphic card to your motherboard, switch your vga cable to new graphic vga port and boot.
- It should boot properly all the way to windows desktop...

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