i have an asus motherboard and a P4 2.26 GHz processor. now i got a 256 MB DDR RAM (400MHz) about 5 days back bringing the total of my physical memory to 512MB. By the way my earlier RAM was 266MHz.

the problem is that ever since i brought this new RAM, my comp has been running VERY slow. it takes an awefully lot of time to start, and the multitasking thing which i thought would improve, has not improved a bit!!! on the contrary it is running slower than ever!!!!!!!!!

one more thing, i have tried all possible combinations of both RAMs and even started the comp with only my older RAM, but to no avail!

what can be the reason??? PLEASE HELP :?: :cry:

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Are there any chances that you have viruses? Does the computer still run slow with the old ram only installed?


i ran a virus scan but it showed no viruses. with only the old ram or the new one, the comp runs at the speed at which it used to with just one ram, but i expected an enhanced performance with both rams together, and there hasn't been any!?

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