When I pressed start on my computer this afternoon it tried to come on, then shut off. If i press start repeatedly it tries to start as many times as I pressed the button but always shuts off in a second or less.
I have disconnected everything inside and out from the mobo and power, with no luck.I changed the psu and the cpu with no success. I hate using this Windows laptop, and hope that I can write out what I want to say before i hurl it thriough a window. it keeps moving the cursor while I am typing and opening up new tabs.
Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.

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unforutantely, to troubleshoot this type of issue, it generally requires swapping out parts until you find the culprit.

When did this begin to occur? After installing new hardware? you swapped power and cpu, but sounds like something is shorting the motherboard or something has shorted on the motherboard.

Well, the problem arises when the battery has been completely discharged. But if the charging is not successful, there must be some fault in the PSU.

I switched psus and it still happened the exact same way. As I said before, I have removed everything from my computer, inside and out so far, except the heatsink. I have 3 psus at my disposal and 2 cpus. I have tried them all. Same result. The problem came out of nowhere. I even tried removing the cmos battery for 15 minutes to reset bios but that did not work either. Cardboard under the mobo failed too. I press start and it tries to come on still but shuts down quickly. If I hold the button a long time, it repeatedly tries before it quits. What else could it be?

The last time I installed new equipment was around the 22nd of July. A new CPU, which i am currently not even using, i switched out for old cpu, and a new heatsink, which i am still using. But no changes after the install were made, and everything seemed fine, till yesterday. Can a heatsink cause this problem? it was new oem. To be clear, i switched cpu and psu yesterday after failure to start.

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