hey guys iv got 4gb of ramm in my computer and when i switch it off completely i have to go into the bios and enable memory remaping (i think thats what its called)
if i just switch oiff this doesnt happen, but if i turn it off at the power socket then i have to eveyrtime.is there anyway to stop this??

also the time and date aslways reset too

That means that your bios batery is flat and needs to be replaced. You didn't say what computer you have so assuming it's a PC rather than a laptop, you will need to go and buy a CR2032 battery. They are widely available in many shops and generally cost about £2. You then need to open up your PC and replace the old battery with a new one while it is switched off. If the battery is sitting flat against the motherboard, you will see a small metal clip that holds the battery at its edge, it can be pushed out of the way with a small screwdriver to allow removal of the battery. If the battery is sitting at 90 degrees to the motherboard then there should be a metal strip along the batteries edge that just needs to be gently pushed out of the way to release the battery.

Hope your PC problem is due to the Bios battery issue.

I have seen the other mainboard hardware error causing the problem.

Hope this helps!
Tech Manager