Hello, I'm new here...great site...

Anyway...so I have this problem with a Compaq Presario 5304... It used to have some trouble starting up (ie. you'd plug it in and turn it on, and all the LED lights would blink but it wouldn't actually start) I think someone came and repaired it, but I never found out what the problem was, and now it's starting again. I plug it in...turn it on, and all the LEDs on the front start blinking, the keyboard lights blink, but nothing actually happens.

I have tried only connecting the necessary parts...and I've tried and there are no visible cracks in the motherboard...but it doesn't even sound like it's reading the hard drive, or the floppy drive. (I have pretty good hearing, and after turning it on...there was a lack of sound...and the LED on the floppy drive didn't go on...) is it possible that the power supply is dead...?

Any help, any tips, would be very much appreciated...
Thanks... :)

is it possible that the power supply is dead...?

That's definitely a possibility; I'd suggest testing the DC voltages on the power leads to see if you're getting healthy voltages. Pinouts (with voltages) for the various ATX power connectors can be found here.