When i switch on my dell c521 pc i cna hear the fans going but i hear no post beeps
and my monitor has flashing green light. no picture.
ive tried a new graphics card but still the same problem. Can anyone help me with tis.

When did this start happending? Did you install something new?

No nothing, theres the fan ont he processor is very loud and the start button stays steady amber.

Without any visual or audio feedback, its tough to troubleshoot. You may need to visit your local computer repair store for assistance, unless you have access to additional parts that you can use to start switching out components to determine if there is a component failure such as the power supply or RAM, or if you have a short on the motherboard.

To troubleshoot this, you unplug everythign except the bare minimum (power supply, video, and min ram needed by the motherboard. hard drive, floppy, audio, USB components, should be unplugged. Boot and see.. swap out the parts until you find the problem.

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