i have notebook compaq 510
yesterday i using windows 7 so the system reserved is created

then today i decide to change back to windows xp sp3(for some reason i have to do this)
but my windows installed as H: not C:
then i can't install graphic drive(require 47MB) because this drive have default installation path to C: where my c: is system reserved and just have 100MB (64 MB used)

so i decide to delete the system reserved partition, because i think if i delete it my windows drive (currently at h: ) can change automaticly to c:

but after i delete it, my system can't load my windows xp from hdd

do i have wipe all data for my HDD and rebuild the partition or any sugestion to solved this?

i just want to remove this system reserved partition, and my windows drive back to C:

i hope someone can help me :D

*sorry my english bad

If you have the original XP installation disc, then just have it install over the Win7 partitions, taking over the disc. If necessary, you can easily do that with a live Linux CD and uting the dd command: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda
That will erase the entire disc, including partition table and boot loaders. Then XP will be able to take over the entire disc.

thank you rubberman for the reply
i installed XP over Win7 partition, but i format it before i install XP (does it take effect?)

but i never try dd command in with Live Linux CD..
i'll try it latter

thank you