i have had a E-system laptop for over 2 years and suddenly it has a problem of shuting down without any notice. i started noticing it last month but the problem didnt seem much of an issue - it was last frequent but now it happens sometimes before it even fully boots up.
i have opened up laptop to find there was dust so i blew that away - i also check to see if fan was working, which it does.
it shuts down with and without power cable it - the battery does seem to keep charge .
i think this is either a battery problem or mayjjack a power jack issue (even tho it switches off with charger plugged in)
anyone have any ideas - would be grateful for any help.

Many thanks

its is because of over heating or battery prob, since u hav cleaned ur vents, guess there is a prob with battery and is there any blue screen appearing while shuting down??

no no blue screen at all. just dies.. i think it might be the battery more than processor or motherboard as sometimes the laptop is on for 5 mins, sometimes its 2 hours. Had it on for 2 hours constant and didnt shut down once.. however thismorning couldnt stay on for 5 mins.
if it was processor or motherboard it would either get stuck or shut down at the same point. The only reason why i think its not the battery is that it holds charge and takes charge so im stumpted..
with that said it might be the board or jack
the reason why it could be the battery is that everytime it shuts down i take the battery out and put it in before starting up again.
many thanks

Update on Laptop - it now wont even get as far as startup

There is a system log info. Maybe you can look thru them and find a code of the problem. After it google will help you)

many thanks.. where do i find the system log?
additional update - laptop works but oonly when plugged in.. if i take out the plug it switches off after about 5-10mins
many thnks

My laptop just suddenlt shut down too but there was a blue screen before it shuts down. What does it mean?

please do unistall the battery and run on power

is not like on batery problem. Sometimes the proble is on the windows.
is your Operating system is Windows? did you try to format it?

You can diagnose it when you open your laptop go into setup <f2> then stay in their for a
while observe your laptop if your laptop did not shut down the problem is your windows you can format.
If the your laptop did shut down maybe it over heated or try to change the batery.

hi @dhaffy the problem is your OS or your memory ram.

There could be three reasons to this problem you are facing.

  1. Your battery is not working the it should work or there might be some leakage problem with the battery which short circuits the power which make the system to shut down.

  2. It might be the problem with your processing unit which gets over heated easily and make your system to go down.

  3. You can try reboot your system and re-installing the OS again

I don't think it is your battery as you stated the machine was running the same with or without the battery. I also don't believe it is an operating system isue either, although some os's like Vista are resource hogs and can help to compound the problem as explained below.
Every laptop that has been in my shop for this problem has been caused by overheating, more specifically, overheating because of gpu/cpu. More times than not I find it to be the gpu that is causing the problem. When a laptop runs hot it affects the motherboard by re-flowing the solder joints which causes stress cracking in the solder which leads to weak connections on the gup/cpu and actually makes it run even hotter eventually causing system failureas you described.
You also stated that the machine had dust and that you had cleaned it..good! A laptop cooler may also be of some help.
I belive that your machine needs a replacement motherboard. Ebay is a great source of replacement parts.