Hello there!

I was a computer Engineering student form Philippines and probably in our subject Computer Architecture, i was having a difficult time in dealing with SAP 1 Architecture. Can anyone explain me the functions of every module in this SAP 1? or give some links or lecture videos where i can better understand it?

1.) T - states
2.) ALU
3.) Program Counter
4.) Controller/Sequencer

Any suggestions and ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.:)

I'm not familiar with this architecture, assuming you mean some sort of computer architecture, and not the SAP ERP software system, or Statutory Option Pay, or Resource Letter SAP-1 on Subatomic Particles, or ...

So, please be more specific about what you mean, and provide some links to relevant articles, etc. Example: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_SAP_1_architecture

What i mean here is the SAP (Simple as Possible) Computer Architecture

Have you try searching google before posting here. If you did that, you might get all your answers in a few minutes.