What's up with my external hard drive. It stopped showing up on My Computer, but I see it in device manager (device working properly... Ja). I plugged it into my laptop and I can access all the info on it, but when I plug it back into my desktop.. Nothing! Device manager still sees it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, and the same thing. Any advice?

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I've had this problem with Win7 and my USB thumb drives. The solution was to remove ALL of the USB device entries in the system device manager, then rebooting. On reboot, all the USB device drivers will be reinstalled. I assume you are using a USB drive, correct? Doing this won't hurt (don't click on the "remove the driver" check box, just remove the device from the system entries). When you reboot, the drivers will be reinstalled, and that will fix most of this sort of problem. I had to do that with 2 systems recently, and it worked just fine. Before trying that (on the advice of my sysadmin) my system would not allow me to mount/read any USB thumb drive. Since my only other external drive uses an eSata connection, that is as much as I can say for certain!

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