I want to replace my 70mm heatsink fan AMD Athlon64 X4 witha quiet fan can can anybody recommend a fan

I know there is two options

70mm pwm fan

or quiet fan something like nexus quiet fan plus fan controller if needed.

any suggestions welcome thanks

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My fan is also noisy especially when booting it up. any can help us with this?

replacement is better otherwise pcb will get damage

Peel back the sticker and add a drop of ATF. Will quiet many a noisy fan.

Now You need to replace quickly the Noisy Heat sink Fan of your system. If you will not replace your noisy heat sink fan then your processor will be affected very much badly.

For anyone info I did not need to replace heatsink fan.I adjusted power management to minimal power management setting in xp which gave me the option in the bios to enable cool and quiet reduce fan speed.Problem solved even though i did order a pwm fan(very cheap) when the existing fan was a pwm 4 pin oops!!!!

go for noctua fan which is best for its cooling performance and no noise will be genrated while fan at full speed

I remplaced my heatsing with a corsair h60 water cooler, only $54 and an easy install.

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