I recently purchased some hard drives from a site ichbanpc.com. They had pretty good prices on oem hard drives not refurbished so I was told. Anyway I bought several and have used them in computers. All but one have worked great. The one when it was cold would not get past the splash screen. You would have to restart it from 5-10 times before it would go into the os. When in the os there were no problems what so ever as it would run great until it was shut off. Before we figured out that it was the hd I switched out the mobod, memory, cpu, dvd drive, floppy, and cables. When nothing changed I knew it had to be the hd. I then called to have it warrantied and find out it is a refurb pulled from a Compaq. They were just ready to warranty it even though my warranty had expired (90days refurb) when they realized they couldn't do it because it had been previously owned. Its manufacture date is only in November so it is not that old. I am using it as a slave in my computer where it works great, but for some reason it wouldn't work with the other system I built which by the way was 2000 pro os. Anyone have any ideas why it would do all this and work great when warm and work great as a slave? Also, buy from noteable dealers. I will.

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If the drive is a refurbished one, you could have problems. If you can get it replaced under warranty, do it. Otherwise, well, just be wary when you buy stuff online the next time, and stay away from OEM hardware.

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