Wondered if anyone else has suffered from my current PC problem. My mouse seems to have taken on a persona of its own, behaving very strangely. I really cant decide if it is a hardware or software issue. The rodent in question is a Microsoft wireless optical 2 job that has worked without fault for 2-3 years until now. Its difficult to explain the exact behavior but some of the symptoms include, a single click on the IE icon will open about 3 IE windows to home page, attempting to close one of several open windows will close them all, trying to drag an open window immediately maximises it instead, clicking the back button on IE will take it back several pages rather than just one, trying to highlight one word in text highlights the entire passage or page, etc etc. It seems almost like it is 10 times too sensitive. I have obviously tried adjusting the sensitivity but to no avail, installed the latest drivers etc. The weired thing is that the touch-pad on my laptop also seems to have become more sensitive although to a lesser extent and at about the same time. It had crossed my mind that a virus could be to blame but all checks made so far are clear. Any suggestions greatly received.
Oh yeah the other thing is it often refuses to close open windows until after about 4 try's.

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Just for starters, go over to the "spyware and other nasties" section of the forum and post a hijack this log there on a new thread (there are instructions on how to do it there). If they say you are clean then come back here.

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