compaq presario laptop 2100
came with synaptics touchpad, which moves cursor erratically.
updated driver- tried to- no update avaialbable.
so plugged in ps2 mouse, and same thing happened. mouse moves very erratically.
any suggestions?

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Did you try to install different kind of driver for the mouse/touchpad you're using now?

What do you mean by erratically? Very fast or random. If it is very fast, you could have accidentally change the tracking speed for the mouse and trackpad to fast. Not sure whether this could have cause by a malware but no harm checking. Do a scan with malwarebytes and see whether that helps.

Here is a possible solution and is based on my own personal experience. When ever this problem happened to me, i found out that the problem with an erratic mouse was usually caused by an external hardrive connected to the computer. Try unplugging any external devices, then restart the computer without any external devices connected. Now see if your mouse works normal.

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