Hello everyone!

So I'm dealing with a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5200. The laptop was dropped and the screen and left hinge were compromised. The computer boots up fine and I can port into an external monitor. I've replaced the hinge and the screen and now the computer will not boot unless the monitor cable is detached from the motherboard.

The original screen is a LG LP156WH2 (TL) (A1) but my supplier on eBay sent me a B156XW02. He claims it's compatible - and while it does hook up seemingly correct, the laptop will not start.
The damn thing just turns right off when the monitor cable is plugged in. It seems like it doesn't have enough juice so it shuts down. The lights turn off too like it's unplugged.

It seems like either a damaged/incorrect monitor or perhaps a bad monitor cable.

Please, any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks a ton

Sounds like the screen you plugged in may be causing a short. The appropriate suggestion is to get a replacement screen that is compatible. I would check on the Toshiba web site for compatible screens.