I have a desktop that im running windows 7 on and I had a keyboard for about 3 years and it died. I got a new one and instaled it and it reconizes it but it still does not work. I have tryed 3 more keyboards and they dont work at all.I have unpluged and restarted and pluged them in and nothing.I have tryed every thing I know of. Please help.

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Can you try to reinstall your chipset drivers for your motherboard? If you've tried other keyboards it's very unlikely that it is a keyboard issue. Maybe removing the USB drivers and having windows refind them might help as well. Do you have any other USB devices that you can install and see how it behaves? It's possible that your USB controller is shot, if everything else fails.

Why did the old keyboard die? Was it the keyboard, or something with the USB port and/or internal hub of the computer? You need to obtain and run hardware diagnostics to determine what the problem is. From your description, my guess is that the hub you are plugged into is faulty. Most systems these days have 2 internal hubs, one that runs the front ports, and another that runs the back ones. Try switching the port you are using, if you haven't already.

Since your computer detects the keyboard and installs drivers for it I don't think its a hardware issue. Reinstalling/ updating your usb and chipset drivers sounds like a pretty good idea to me. It may even have something to do with the original keyboard drivers but I'm just wildy speculating on that.

Did you check properly? I think there are hardware issue call any hardware engineer if possible or try one more time to change your back side or if if it's in front.

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