i have a problem that my laptop keeps shutting down constantly and it never gives me a warning. its so annoying!!! please help me!! i always keep my laptop charged and my laptop is a TOSHIBA SATELITE L650.

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Which operating system are you using?

When you say 'shutting down', do you mean that (a) your laptop shows a message on your screen saying something like "Windows is shutting down", or (b) does it just switch off without any warning?

A few things could cause this.

When you connect your laptop to the power adapter (c) does the "Charging" light turn on? While the power adapter is connected, please look at where the power connector is physically plugged into the laptop. (d) If you move that connecter gently I does the power/charging light flicker?

Is there a small LED (light) on the power adapter to show that it is turned on. If there is no LED, does the power adapter become a little warmer after about 30 minutes?

Besides Bigpaw's suggestions, have you noticed the laptop overheating? Just in case, if you haven't done it yet. Back up your data.

I have the same problem. I am using ASUS x53ke with windows XP OS.I never come across this problem. But for the last couple of days the system switch off without warning and it's irritating. Please suggest whether any motherboard problem or anything else?

Thanks in advance


it could be several possibilities. I have run into this problem in my shop and the problem has been as simple as a virus, bad hard drive, bad memory chip or as complicated (expensive) as cpu overheating or motherboard going bad. If you are able to test the hard drive and RAM, it may help you shorten the list of what could be bad. (See also Bigpaw's suggestions). Hope this helps.


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