my pc is turning on bt the monitor is blank, th funs in the CPU are working.. When i turn it on it starts beeping rapidly after 3second. Am nt a compute genious so i hv no idea wat going on. Do u thnk my motherboard is dead?

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Is this a Desktop PC, or a laptop? My comments below assume a Desktop. If it is a laptop, then please attach an external monitor and tell us if that works.

Is this a newly built computer, or recently purchased?

Have you made any changes to your computer recently?

Have you had any reason to move your computer, for example, from one room to another, or temporarily from its usual location?

Do you feel you can open up your computer and gently check if the video card is seated properly? Just make sure the computer is turned off and disconnected from the mains. Don't touch any of the components on the card, just gently press the card into the slot using the edge of the card.

If, when you open your computer, you don't see a video card then let us know, please.

If the above doesn't fix the problem then we'll try testing the memory. The problem could still be with the video card, but we must ensure that it isn't something else before you buy another video card.

If you can figure out who the motherboard manufacturer is, you can look up their beep codes to get specific. Info about the error.

try clear cmos or unplug power AC from PSU remove battery motherboard , wait 15 minutes, put it back .. try on your pc , if still had issue swapped PSU

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