I have an issue with my Vaio VPCS11V9E/B.
It won't turn on. Power button keeps flashing green (battery light turns orange when I press power button).
Also CAPS, NUM and SCROLL LOCK lights are flashing, but nothing else happens. As if it had hybernated, except that it not :)

So far I have taken it apart, replaced thermal paste as it was pretty much dried out.
Put it back together carefully - to no avail.

Even won't start even if the battery is out.
I know the AC adapter is good as I've tried it on another Vaio and it works.

Would really appreciate if anyone who recognizes the symptoms could share their experience and possible solutions to the problem.

Thanks in advance!

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Time to send it to the repair depot... :-( If it won't get to the POST (Power-On Self Test) screen, then something is seriously broken. It may be as simple as a blown capacitor (not uncommon), or even more serious, but unless you have some circuit repair experience, this is not a job for the amateur.


Check the clock battery. If it is dead the computer will not start. You can buy them at your local Radio Shack. They look like a watch/fob battery.

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