I was recently on my Laptop notebook "Hp Compaq NC6400" and the screen went black on me but the computer was still runnning. I tried shutting the comuter down and restarting it. Didn't work. I tried connecting the notebook to another monitor it worked for a few minutes until the my notebook screen blacked out again. I tried unplugging the notebook and pushing the power button to get the current out and that only worked for a few minutes before blacking out again. Someone please help! You assistance and help is very much appreciated!!!!!!

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same here
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Does it work with external monitor? Does it work if you boot in to Safe Mode?

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No it doesnt work with a external monitor. How do you boot in safe mode??


yes boot in safe mood and tell what happens. whne the computer starts, keep pressing F8. you will get a menu and select "safe mode" from it. After a while it will start. Are you sure that the computer is not to automatic sleep mode?

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