hi there.
i just build my new pc, but it wont work. so can someone help me pls.
my build is: amd fx6100 cpu
MB: ASUS m5a78l-m usb3,
RAM: corsair xms3 8gb 1600mhz ddr3,
GPU:amd hd 7770.
PSU: OCZ ModXtreme Pro 600w

so i installed them and after some hassles, the cpu and psu are on, but graphic card fan is not on. neither the HDD and power light on the case. About the front panel connectors, i connected all the white connector to ground or negtive, and the colour ones to positive. i dont know what will happen if i swith them around, so i didnt try that. will it be dangerous?
i have to swith the pc off by turning off the power. some say its because system power connector is the wrong way around. is it?
when i used MB vga port for my monitor, the monitor says no signal. when i tried using the graphic card with an adapter, the same thing happens.
there is no system speaker. i ordered one. hopefully will get it on monday.
dvd drive works. when i started it, dvd drive lights up and it read the dvd i put in.
hdd light not on, power light not on.
i am sure everything is connected firmly. there shouldnt be any short i think, because the cpu fan and dvd drive are on?
I've read through the 23 steps guide. i've tried some of them, and others dont apply to me or i cant do them.
that's it, i think.
pls can someone help me....
thank you very much.

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hi, for the hdd and power lights just reverse the white and coloured connectors, can't do any harm. for switching the pc off keep pressing the powerswitch for about 5 secs. the hd 7770 has an extra power connector on it, did you connect it to the psu ? try the mb vga port without the hd 7770 mounted on the mb. it's best to try things step by step. a system speaker is not realy needed for the pc to work.

thank you for you reply, Gé48.
i dont think i explained very well. sorry about that.
i've tried pressing the powerswitch for about 5sec, it doesnt work. that's why i have to switch it off by cutting off the power.
i do connect the pci epreess power connector to the hd 7770. with or without it, its the same. i also tried with both ports, no luck.
i ordered a case speaker to help me identify the problem, which i cant do at the moment.
from what i can see, all is connected well and firmly. i watched some guilde video on youtube. the only thing i suspect is the static. in the video and the 23 steps guide on this forum, they suggest to use the wrist band. i dont have one. so i did it by touching the metal door hand all the time to discharge the stactic. could i be wrong here?
i contacted the seller i bought the mb and cpu bundle from. he said they never had a problem like this before and suspects its the psu. but my psu is ocz 80+certified and 600w. i think it should be ok, right?
thank you for all the help.

  • try asembling without case .. (check short elecric backplate )
  • use onboard VGA first
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