My apologies if I missed something like this already. I cannot find anything quite fitting. And this work computer keeps closing this page on me.

At home, I have 2 laptops both running Windows 7, a Lexmark wireless printer that worked fine last week. Now it won't print, but it is online. When I checked my control panel on 2 of my laptops, my device list shows 0 devices. My first thought was that I was hacked. I run Avast on both computers. I unplugged my internet and ran a deep scan on both computers while I am at currently at work. I am hoping (thinking) this is not the problem. I have not been home to check yet. I wanted to throw this on here hoping for some ideas to work with when I get home.

I have Googled and found issues with printers being 'offline', but not completely off the device list. The only thing I can think of is I did adjust some firewall settings to be more secure, but these devices are all on the inside. I will adjust these settings back when I have time to play with them. I am grateful for any help.

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Did you solve this?

You may want to run Malwarebytes and Superantispyware if you're concerned about being infected. Avast is my favorite AV too. :)


Which antivirus you are using? try to desable and after install again you can enable your AV. If not success, formart your system.

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