i have a problem with the specs of my motherboard. it says that is supports ddr3 memory and a maximum of 4GB but there's a reminder in the setup that per DIMM slot supports up to 1GB but it also says that with the reminders: "Do not support three memory modules".
Does it mean that I cannot install up to 3 or 4 GB on my motherboard?

I need help .Please (",)

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Do you have 4 ram slots (Channel A and B)? I think you have 4 slots.
You have can up to 4GB total, but will only be able to utilize the 3GB rule. You must have either 2 or 4 ram sticks installed, but not have 2 in channel A and one in channel B or vice verse. What is your motherboard name and model?

I do have 4 slots. my motherboard is from MSI. K8NGM2 Series MS-7207(v1.X) Micro-ATX Mainboard. My problem is that it has a reminder that it does not support three memory modules. How can i install 3GB ram to it? each slot only support 1GB.

If you have four ram slot then you can install four numbers of 1 gb ram module for four ram slot. Actually some of mother-board does not support 3 gb of memory and it is the limitation of this mother-board. About my opinion then you can install either 2 gb of ram or 4 gb ram. That means either you use two numbers of 1 gb ram stick or four numbers of ram stick. And it is the only solution.

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