Hi all, my wife has an HP laptop, HP Pavillion dv 2000. Hope im in the right place?

She needs it badly by Wednesday for travel/work.
So she was optimizing and trying fix it all up nice and I think she updated it to XP service pack 3. which I had told her not to do.

Now there seems to be something missing in the wireless internet network software. The available networks are not showing up and it wont connect up to the internet via wireless. It will connect up via Ethernet cable. Even seems like the software that shows the available wireless networks is not installed anymore.

I have tried many "fix" avenues, from HP and from device manager.

I am wondering if the problem is in the Bios?
We have purchased windows 7, and we could install it now, but if this problem is in the bios, I dont know if installing a new system software would even fix it?

How can I tell if it is the bios?
I am lost, so any advice is appreciated.


Hello Ross.
Updating the computer to XP SP 3, is generally a good idea. Unforutnately, something went wrong during the update and is causing you this pain.

If you go to the device manager, do you see the wireless network adapter listed? If so, right click uninstall. Then rescan for new hardware. Let Windows reinstall the nework interface. I would suggest that you visit the NIC's website and download the latest device driver for the wireless NIC.

With regard to networking software for the wireless NIC...its not required. Windows XP SP 3 can manage the wireless networks. In many cases, the NIC software vendors will package additional management software with the wireless driver and that software will take over the management of the NIC. Again, its not required. I generally do not install it because I have found that the more you install on your comptuer, the more complicated it gets when thngs do not work.

Once the wireless card has been detected and properly installed in the device manager, try to see if you can view the wireless networks. A baloon popup should automatically be seen in the lower right corner if the NIC is working properly.

Nothing to worry about in the BIOS unless you have the ability to enable/disable the wireless NIC from there. Also, on the keyboard, on many laptops...you have the ability to enable and disable the wireless NIC. Of course, make sure its enabled.

Thanks for the suggestions JorgeM;
OK, Im still stick.

I did the uninstall and hardware scan to two network adaptors, and the network wizards now appeared in the network dialog box. (so that helped)

I used the network connection wizard and set up a network, but it shows up in the Broadband subtitle, so
Im not getting anything specifically for a wireless connectction.
(I also went to HP and downloaded two network drivers and installed; HP Wireless Assistant , and Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers ).

When I go into network properties and click repair, I get error; TCP/IP is not enabled for this connection, cannot proceed. (same as before)
Also still when I clock to open the "HP wireless assistant" in the control panel, nothing happens or opens.

Do you have any more ideas?
Ill be poking around in the TCP while I await more help.


This may sound silly, but you do have TCP/IP enabled as a protocol? (Network Connections > Local Area Connection, Properties). There should be a check next to the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) entry, If that entry is not there, then choose Install, highlight Protocol, press Add.... and go from there.

Gerbil, Its not crazy, I noticed it is checked but it also allows me to install, whch I think I did yesterday just to keep trying things.
Now let me sum up some things;
1. Im using the plug in for power and the power source battery is not installed now. So when I start up after it was unplugged, it beeps and asks me to set the date and time again because it is lost each time.
2. the wife / hubby partitions are gone and we are now prompted with a login password only on start up.
3. then a dialog box pops up titled "Select network login"
has username imbedded, ask me to choose "preffered server" and only "none" is in the choices.
also has a checkbox for default tree and context.

It disappeared at this point, before I could write more down.

Any more ideas?

I will report that found out that Service pac 3 on XP, wipes out the wireless softwae on this laptop card. sSo I installed a crappy D-link wireless adapter and driver which I had, and it now connects to the internet. This will get my wife through next week,, but it was much better before SP3.
Thanks for all the help!! I do appreciate it.

I missed this line in your first post.. "It will connect up via Ethernet cable." That rather said that TCP/IP ws installed. sigh.
It is likely the CMOS RTC (real time clock) battery has failed, hence your needing to enter the time and date at startup. That would not lead to any other problems; your BIOS settings would not be otherwise affected. Your main battery has not anything to do with it.
SP3 removing software. Does this site help: http://h20180.www2.hp.com/apps/Lookup?h_lang=en&h_cc=us&cc=us&h_page=hpcom&lang=en&h_client=S-A-R163-1&h_pagetype=s-002&h_query=dv2000&submit=Go+%BB
Exact model name should be on the bottom of the case.

With regard to iso111's comment about XP SP3 "removing software" he is correct with regard to certain DLINK wireless adapters. I have run into this issue in the past and its documented on their site.

For instance, their DWL-G510 has this problem. Downloading the latest driver solves the issue.