I just built my costom build about a month ago and, like and idiot, uploaded windows XP to it. Now i just bought Windows 7 and was trying to do a USB boot with the software and do a costum configuration. But once i set the BIOS to boot from the USB port i lost all visuals to my monitor. The signal is completley gone. The Comp still runs and sounds fine, ny help will be greatly appreciated!


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Did you change your BIOS settings back?

Also, unplug your monitor cable and plug it back in, at both ends. Also, unplug your monitor power cable and plug it back in, at both ends (sorry, I know you know I'm assuming you're a bit retarded here, just do it). Unplug the USB device, too.

Can you confirm that other computers work with the monitor?

(this is his friend) okay did that. monitor was just tried with success on this laptop. Cleared CMOS and also set TPS just for S&G. still nothing.

System is on a ASUS P8z68-V LX

Thanks for your help.

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