It didnt start one day, the lights come on in front, battery etc. but nothing is displayed on the montor, could something have been jarred loose, i tried plugging in an external monitor but that only worked once. Help. talk about frustrating. Im about to open the machine and see if there is anything loose. any suggestions.

oh and i cant hear the cpu running either.

thanks for any assistance..

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oh and i cant hear the cpu running either.

thanks for any assistance..

I assume you mean cpu fan !fan usually only runs for a few seconds when booting ,then comes on when laptop heates up ,could be that you battery is dead ,try removing it and turn on computer with it out just the power cord plugged in


thank you for the response, you may be right about the dead battery, however i am still not getting any display on my monitor. I know its on because the wireless switch comes on and off as does the mute (sound on/off) button...well they light up anyway. Ive also tried the function lcd button to know tempted to open the bottom of the machine..but a little wary...any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah ,you should be a little weary of opening it unless you really know what you are doing,not much to be seen untill you take it completely apart .then what ?? you ahve to fiddle and put it all back together.You could open it and look for build up of dirt in the cpu fan ,heatsinc.
You say that hooking it to another monotor only worked once ,to me that means that windows is not running/working ,no video to display .
If you are not sure about what to do after you open ,maybe you should take it to computer repair shop!!

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