During the winter, I made the mistake of running a virus scan program overnight, while I knew there was a snowstorm going on outside. Power went out, surged back in, and it fried something. I was rather frustrated, because when I purchased my computer, I was somewhat new to things, and the salesperson at the Best Buy in Virginia Beach neglected to tell me that there was a difference between APC's and normal power strips.

Regardless, I replaced my power supply, hoping that it was the extent of the problem. No such luck. Is there anything else that may have fried, or have I narrowed it down to the motherboard? I'm looking to get this thing back up and running, and would rather not take a $200 leap of faith. :)

Another sub-question I had... When a motherboard does burn out, does it also burn out the processor? I have seen a few good deals on replacement motherboards, some of which do not come with a processor. I was wondering if I could just pluck old faithful out of the burnt motherboard, and pop it right into the new guy when I get it?

Thanks in advance for your time and wisdom!

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You could check to make sure that your connections are tight. Also, remove the RAM stticks and see if your mobo shows any signs of life. If not, I'm sorry to say you may have fried it.

As for your second question, yes, it is entirely possible (though not necessary) for a lightning strike to take out the processor along with the motherboard.


Logically, my next question is whether you feel that it is guaranteed to be the motherboard? Is there anything else that you feel might possibly be causing my computer to not turn on, now that I have replaced the power supply?

Again, thanks in advance for your time and help!


The most certain way to be sure would be to install a known, working processor on your motherboard and see if the system works. Do the same for your your processor - install it on a known working motherboard.

Otherwise, if you're sure all the other components (RAM, graphics card etc) are working, it has to be one of the two.

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