hello everyone

I have a budget of £400-£500 and want to build my own pc. Im not looking for a really good
gaming pc but i want the best i can get for that price. I am willing to go to £550 if i have to
but no more. I want it to be able to play most games on average-high settings heres what iv chosen-

motherboard-Asus M5A78L-M USB3 HDMI
processor-AMD bulldozer FX-6100 6 Core 3.30GHz
ram-Patriot 8GB 1600MHz Dual Channel DDR3 VIPER 3 BLACK MAMBA
(all of the above is a bundle on amazon)
graphics card-Asus AMD Radeon HD 7850 DirectCU II Graphics Card (2GB GDDR5, PCI Express 3.0)
hard drive-Seagate Barracuda 3.5 inch 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB 6GB/S Internal SATA Drive
psu-ACE 750W BR PSU with 12cm Red Fan and PFC - Black
case-Cooler Master RC-430-KWN1 Elite 430 Midi Tower with Window - Black

All of the above are from amazon
the price comes to £550ish due to windows 7 being so expensive if enybody can find a cheaper windows 7
please tell me.

First of all, if you build a computer with that budget, you will find yourself with a pc bthat works like a 400 dollar machine, especially with those parts. I tend to veer right away from AMD proccessors as my expereeince in IT companies tell me they are usually crap, stick with Intel. The rest of it looks quite good. Bear in mind though that your motherboard needs to be able to support your graphics card and RAM.

Hi !
500 pounds seem a quite nice budget for a pc. With or without display ?
Now, why AMD ? AMD is good, but consumes a lot of power, and generates heat which might be a problem in the summer months.Overclocking the AMD processors (and video cards does not increase much the performance, only the heat)

So, there vould be:

core I3 are good for gaming, I3-3225 is a bit cheaper than FX6100, with much superior per-core performance,and 4 cores (2 physical, 2 virtual).FX-6xxx have 3 cores physical, with 2 ALU and 1 FPU per core(both suck).

The MSI Z68S-G43, is a little gem.And somewhat future-proof.Cheep also.
The Asrock Z77 PRO3 , Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3 and Asus P8Z68-V LX have about same specs, almost full-featured Z chipset series motherboards.

Graphics card
Good practice is a mainstream graphics card which can be overclocked on need.(im doing it for years now).AMD cards suck, they don't support PHYSX, and do not scale well with overclock, and flicker with multi-monitor setup.Stick with NVIDIA.
The MSI nVidia GeForce 560GTX-Ti 1GB GDDR5, 192bit does look pretty good.Or the
Asus ENGTX560DC/2DI1GD5 Nvidia Geforce GTX560, 1024MB GDDR5 256bit.

Rest is ok, but you could buy Memories of 2000 Mhz, or more.

thanks for your reply ada.devcsaba i will get those components when i come to bying
them i will probably get the intel core i5 and ill go for the motherboard and graphics card
you sujested
thanks again

ada.devcsaba makes some good points. Thought I'd add my two pence as I run a completely custom rig myself.

I was of the opinion that AMD CPU's were the less power hungry of the two brands however I also steer clear of them, Intel simply performs better.

I remember somewhere hearing about issues with the 560GTX-Ti a while back however I'm not sure if these are fixed now.

I disagree with the bashing of AMD GPUs though. I run a MSI Lightening Edition HD6970 2GB Overclocked edition and it performs fine without what you stated above. So with regard to graphics card I would just do your research and not rule out AMD.

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