*I am Confussed about taking an Nvidia GTX 650ti or ps3!! Both prices are almost same. But in nvidia, the graphics would be i think a little bit higher than PS3. But i also want to play "exclusively" PS3 games like God of War, Unchartered series, Last of us, etc. that i won't be able to play in GTX650ti. And ofcousre PS4's prices would be high in its initial launch, so no way i would be buying PS4 initially. So what is your opinion regarding this topic; PS3 or Nvidia GTX650ti ?????? *

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Have you thought about an xbox? It's a little more versatile than the ps3.

Basically, PS3 is better than xbox. And now i think of getting a graphics card because it has high graphics than ps3 or xbox. But then again i think that in pc games are becoming very much advanced and in future games will be of much much more high quality graphics, and at that time my GTX650ti "may" not be efficient!! So Graphics card will be for only 4-5 years for me!! And also in ps3 it will remain for 3-4 years and afteer that i will take ps4!! So i am confussed about a GPU or PS3.... Which is better???

i m a old user of Nvidia but no idea about sony. but i m content by using

You're comparing two entirely different things...
Do you have any game console?
What's your current video card and computer?
If your computer and card aren't good, then get the ps3 because it'll take more money to upgrade everything. If only your card isn't good, then I would take some things into consideration.
* The price of the games and controllers for the ps3.
* What games are you going to play on both?

From what you said so far, I think that the ps3 would be better for you.

Go for GTX 650ti as the graphic qyuality is very high you can generally download cracked games but buying a Sony PS3 is not worth as the Game disc are very costly and to support PS# you should have a very good quality Television screen. and the effects on gtx 650ti feels to be much realastic as compared to games played on sony ps3.

I recommended the GTX 770 because you mentioned an nvidia card. But let me tell you something. PS4 has radeon graphics. XBox one has radeon graphics. So, in future if games are made for ps4 and xbox one, they will be optimised for radeon graphics. So, their PC versions would run great with radeon graphics on pc. So, I would say, buy a radeon graphic card. Radeon HD 7950 3GB DDR5. Awesome Card. Capable of running every game maxed out without lag (if you have a decent processor).

And yes the requirements are these:

  • PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard
  • 500W (or greater) power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended8
  • 750W (or greater) power supply with four 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended for AMD CrossFire™ technology

    NOTE: Minimum recommended system power supply wattage is based on the specific graphics card and the typical power requirements of other system components. Your system may require more or less power. OEM and other pre-assembled PCs may have different power requirements.

  • Certified power supplies are recommended. Refer to http://ati.amd.com/certifiedPSU for a list of Certified products

  • Minimum 4GB of system memory
  • 8GB (or more) of system memory recommended for AMD CrossFire™ technology
  • Installation software requires CD-ROM drive, a keyboard, a mouse, and a display
  • DVD playback requires DVD drive and a DVD
  • Blu-ray™ playback requires Blu-ray drive and a Blu-ray disc
  • For an AMD CrossFire™ system, a second AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 GPU, an AMD CrossFire™ Ready motherboard and one AMD CrossFire™ Bridge Interconnect cable is required
  • Use of 3 or more displays with AMD Eyefinity technology requires a DisplayPort-capable panel or an AMD Eyefinity-validated dongle. See http://www.amd.com/EyefinityDongles for a list of validated DisplayPort dongles.
  • 64-bit operating system highly recommended
  • Not for professional or commercial use. Please see AMD FirePro™ products for these applications.

I would prefer you to go with latest gpu card available in market in your range as after some ps3 may get downgraded and you will not be able to play any new games if any new playstaion get launched. Considering a GPU will be usefull as you get better performance , quality and visual for the game.

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