Have built a new PC. Refuses to boot up at all with Asus GTX 650 grpaphics card, but will boot up just fine with a Nvidia GT 320 graphics card.

Have installed drivers etc., still nothing: won't even boot to BIOS.

Card dead?

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The Asus GTX 650 requires the 6 pin power connector. Have you fitted it?

What RIK said. Most such issues are power-supply related. Either you aren't feeding the card the right power (and in the proper amperages), or your power supply is inadequate.

Thanks guys. Yes, I have plugged in the 6 pin power connector. I suspect the power issue is right, though. I have a Thermaltake PSU 500w. Should be enough? Maybe not?

That card requires 150watts according to it's specs so I suspect you may need a 650watt or higher.

i had the same prob update your bios went from f8 to f15c and now i got an nivida gt640 and a gigabyte gt650 in the same machine and it fucken hammers

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