I am having problems with the screen of my Dell D400 laptop. Part of it was grayed out (about 1/3 part of the screen horizontally, upper portion). It happened last Monday night.

I just finished watching a movie on my laptop then I turned it off, put it on its bag and prepare to sleep. Then my brother remembered that he needs to copy some files from my laptop. So, I turned it on again... and there it is.

I really don't know what happen. It doesn't even show any signs before it happened. It never had any accident of falling or spilling. I'm kinda careful whenever I use it since it's my first laptop.

Hope you guys can help me.


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It's probably a bad connection within the screen itself. You need to get a professional to look at it unfortunately.


Is that so? Hope it's not that bad.

It does not appear when using the laptop's external video output so I guess it's really with the screen.

Thanks anyway.


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